We invite both the domain knowledge and technology companies to partner with us for a win-win. We believe that by working together which each contributing their very core expertise and knowledge, we are able to provide much higher quality solutions and services to the customers and also able to reach out to much bigger markets.

For those who are interested to partner with us, please drop us an email at for further discussion.



SME (Subject Matter Expert)

We partners with specialists in each industry who help us produce the most relevant training programme.


Technology Partners

In order to deliver state-of-the-art customized applications to our customer, we work with technlogy partners who provide us with high level development tools.

Sales and Marketing

In order to reach out to a bigger market we work with partners specialized in different fields such as healthcare, aviation and education.


Production Team

In order to handle huge projects and be scalable, we collaborate with content develpment partners from different fields in the serious gaming industry.