Cogni3D – 3D Cognitive Stimulation Tool

Cogni3D is a state-of-the-art 3D interactive tool for brain stimulation. It consists of different 3D real-life environments in which the user will perform different daily activities, for example buying things from the supermarket and making breakfast in the kitchen to name a few.

The users who have gone through these activities in Cogni3D stand to benefit in terms of their memory ability, planning and organizational ability, navigational ability, attention span, mental speed and language ability.

Cogni3D is a brainchild of the R&D collaboration between National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore, the national specialist centre and regional centre for clinical referrals for the management and treatment of the neurosciences and Veldis Experience, the specialist in 3D interactive digital media technologies.

Training Packages

There are two packages for training:

Free Trial

We provide free trial.
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